Call for Book Launches

Deadline: 13 May 2024

To participate in this call you must register and access to WAU Congress System

Authors may present 30 minute book launches for books published since 2020. Sales and transportation are the sole responsibility of the authors. Authors may opt for the consigned sale of their publications through the official bookstore of the WAU Congress (to be announced).  Each author is urged to donate two copies, one to be used as a student prize and the other for donation to the University of Johannesburg library.  Donations should be handed off to monitors before the launch. A book launch fee of ZAR250 will be charges upon registration. 

Book launch proposals must contain:

  • Author(s) 
  • Discussant (optional)
  • Title of book
  • Abstract
  • City and country of publication
  • Publishing company
  • Publication year
  • Image of book cover