Call for Films

Deadline: 13 May 2024

To participate in this call you must register and access to WAU Congress System

Reimagining Anthropological Knowledge through the Visual

We invite submissions for the Film Programme whose main theme is:  Reimagining Anthropological Knowledge through the Visual. We invite anthropologists to submit films that, in one way or another, reimagine anthropological knowledge through film.  The presence of the authors of the selected films in the conference and the active participation in the Q&A of the screening is mandatory. The purpose of this film screening is to provide a space for critical thinking and debate on anthropological filmmaking.

All films shall be in original language(s) with English subtitles

Although all lengths accepted, the selection committee will give priority to short and medium films (30 minutes maximum).


Film proposals must contain:


  • Details of the film maker(s).  At least one of the filmmakers or moderators must hold a qualification (not necessarily post graduate degree) in one of the anthropological sub fields.
  • Film maker(s)’ short bio (no more than 150 words)
  • A title of the film
  • Short abstract (maximum 75 words)
  • A long abstract stating the subject and objectives of the proposal, highlighting its academic or practical relevance to the anthropological sciences (maximum 300 words).  The long abstract should outline how the film speaks to the Congress theme. 
  • Three to five keywords.
  • A link to a shareable online preview version (on Vimeo or YouTube). The link may be unlisted, or password protected (if the latter, please provide password in the form!). 
  • Details of credits and technical data (production year, country of origin, country of filming, language(s), previous screenings, awards).