Call for Lekgotla

Deadline 13 May 2024

To participate in this call you must register and access to WAU Congress System

Lekgotlas loosely tanslates to ‘a meeting place for village assemblies’ in seSotho. These engagements have been inspired by the innovative laboratories developed during EASA’s 2014 biennial conference in Estonia. They used the term ‘Laboratory’ to “recall spaces constituted through experimentation, collaboration, interaction, and improvisation”. See EASA2014 laboratories (

The Congress organisers invite experimental collaborations, across disciplinary dialogues, and other inventive formats that move knowledge production outside of the academy. A goal of the Congress organisers is for the Congress and its delegates to engage with the city of Johannesburg and its many occupants – human and other-than-human. In this sense, we encourage Lekgotla organisers to explore venues, institutions, activists, small business, NGOs, embassies etc to engage with anthropologists in workshops/small programmes. We are open to and encourage collaborations that take place outside of the university campus and move into public spaces, such as museums, churches, galleries, offices, parks, streets, suburbs etc. The Congress organising committee aims to provide adequate resources, local contacts and sponsorship to enable a Lekgotla. Please contact us for advice.

Lekgotlas are in person only.
Lekgotlas are in English only.

Lekgotla proposals must contain:

⦁ Details of at least two (or more) organisers. At least one of the organisers must hold a qualification (not necessarily post graduate degree) in one of the anthropological sub fields.
⦁ Details of any external collaborators
⦁ A title for the Lekgotla
⦁ Short abstract (maximum 75 words)
⦁ A long abstract stating the subject and objectives of the proposal, highlighting its academic or practical relevance to the anthropological sciences (maximum 300 words). The long abstract should outline the Lekgotla’s objectives, methods, and procedures.
⦁ Three to five keywords.
⦁ Indicate if there is a maximum number of participants.
⦁ Indicate whether pre-registration will be required.  
⦁ Technical requirements (include any technological, material and logistical questions necessary)
⦁ Venue/location (please detail any requirements, as well as any pre-agreements reached with relevant groups/institutions)
⦁ Funder(s)