Call for Workshops

Deadline: 06 May 2024

To participate in this call you must register and access to WAU Congress System

We welcome two kinds of workshops.  One is a practical educational session where participants learn new skills or methods. They are guided by an expert who illustrates how to perform something, after which participants typically get to try out the new abilities or methods for themselves.  The other invites conveners to experiment with or approach questions through multimodal and sense-scape work that is non-textual, alternate, innovative and immersive.  We welcome formats such as performance, poetic, visual, aromatic, tactile, video, auto-, fictional, and experimental forms of ethnography. 

Workshops are in person only.

Workshops are in English only.

Workshop proposals must contain:

  • Details of at least two (or more) convenors.  At least two of the convenors must be from different countries and institutional affiliations.  At least one of the convenors must hold a PhD at the time of proposal submission.
  • Title
  • Short abstract (maximum 75 words)
  • A long abstract stating the subject and objectives of the proposal, highlighting its academic or practical relevance to the anthropological sciences (maximum 300 words).
  • Three to five keywords.
  • Associated with Commission, WCAA task force, WCAA, IUAES or WAU
  • Indicate if there is a maximum number of participants. 
  • Indicate whether pre-registration will be required.  
  • Technical requirements (include any technological, material and logistical questions necessary)
  • Venue requirements