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Glocalization and Digital Technology


    Soumendra Mohan Patnaik


    Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi

    Face to Face/ On Site - Presence

    Indrani Mukherjee


    Indian Anthropological Association

    Online - Presence

    Milena Geisa Dos Santos Martins


    Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ)

    Online - Presence

    Jyotirmoy Mukherjee


    Indian Institute of Management, Indore

    Online - Presence

IUAES Affiliation: Anthropology, Public Policy and Development Practice


Glocalization, Digital Technology, Virtual Space, Digital Anthropology, Digital Cultures


Building on the confluence, interaction and interconnection of the economic monopoly of tech-giants, the politics of governmental control over digital technology and the domestication of technology in the socio-cultural realm, the panel looks at the cultural influences that shape technological interpretation and practice of the digital world and the virtual space. In this the panel endeavors to reflect on the global-national-local continuum and capture ethnographies (both virtual and physical) that highlight cultural specificities within the world system. This will be a platform to showcase novel theoretical and methodological reflections, as well as exchange of notes in comparative studies and experiences. Information and communication technology continues to penetrate the far reaches of the globe, and the world is seeing an ever-increasing number of online participations. Yet this world is fretted with inclusion and exclusion, from the digital divide in the physical world to participation in various platforms and access to virtual spaces. As virtual presence increases day by day, it continues to reconfigure the continuity between the online and offline worlds. Within this, the panel looks at Glocalization of digital technology. We are looking at local not only in terms of physical geographies but also virtual spaces. We are also looking at continuities between the physical and the virtual. We invite papers that include- 1. How big data is being utilized for culture specific communication, looking into marketing, governmentality and control, innovative insights and development practices, etc 2. How new virtual communities have come together to create digital cultures of social identities, causes, movements and action. 3. How the digital world traverses’ controversial spaces of policies between the global and local, creating gaps that can easily be glocally exploited or locally utilized to recognize and establish rights. 4. How apps, platforms and technologies imagined more often in the western world and perspective are being improvised and utilized within specific cultural context giving them a local flavor. 5. Comparative works of glocal interpretations of digital technologies and so on….


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