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Football and mobility


    Carmen Rial


    Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia Estudos do Futebol e Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

    Face to Face/ On Site - Presence

    Lía Ferrero


    Universidad Nacional de José C. Paz (IESCODE-UNPAZ) Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP)

    Face to Face/ On Site - Presence

    Michal Buchowski


    European University Viadrina in Germany

    Face to Face/ On Site - Presence

IUAES Affiliation: Anthropology of Sports


football, globalization, migration


The panel on football and migration explores various dimensions of player mobility in the world of football, addressing questions about the individuals involved, the historiography of this movement, and the mediators within and outside football clubs. It delves into the financial aspects, examining how money is circulated and the dynamics of ascending and descending the football hierarchy when players change clubs. The discussion extends to the impact of footballers' images abroad on immigrants of the same nationality in the host country, exploring associated stereotypes and ethnic identity. The panel also examines the relationships footballers in mobility share with other groups such as labor workers, elites (diplomats, professors, researchers, traders), and religious figures. Integration into the host country is scrutinized, considering with whom footballers integrate and the differences in situations related to income disparities. The panel delves into the intersection of the football system with common legal systems, referencing cases like Bosman and others. Additionally, it explores the impact of colonial/ex-colonial relations on the routes of player circulation, distinguishing between countries as exporters and importers of football talent. The myth of Brazil as the main football exporter is challenged, highlighting the significant presence of other foreign athletes and coaches in leagues abroad. The panel analyse differences in the context of gender and sexuality within the football migration framework. (Commission Anthropology of Sport support this panel) Organizer 3 Michal Buchowski Orcid 0000-0002-1025-5854 cell phone: +48 519 340 550 Poland