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Antro Radikoj: Decanonizing Knowledge Production and Circulation within Anthropology


    Heather OLeary

    United States

    University of South Florida

    Face to Face/ On Site - Presence

    Noel B. Salazar


    KU Leuven

    Face to Face/ On Site - Presence

WCAA Affiliation: WCAA Making Anthropology Global Task Force

IUAES Affiliation: Anthropology and the Environment


Disciplines, Knowledge, Theory, Teaching, Multi-lingual


What is anthropological knowledge and theory, where is it produced, and by whom? For many years, anthropologists have been struggling, on many fronts, to tackle the multiple inequalities that exist within our discipline and the wider academic landscape in which it is embedded. Slowly but surely, marginal voices in and around the anthropological powerhouses of the world, mostly located in the so-called ‘Global North’, are getting more recognition. Because of the ways in which global academia is currently structured, however, it is much more difficult to spotlight anthropological insights produced by anthropologists outside the hegemonic centers. Changing this would require a radical makeover of the systems of knowledge production and circulation. This panel will feature papers that examine the ways anthropologists are limited by traditional approaches in the discipline and the ways--gentle or radical--that they are seeking to challenge them. This involves questions at the core of anthropology about perspectives, practices and power. What can we learn by reflexively re-examining the ways we teach, conduct research, collaborate, or disseminate? How can we better amplify voices of and across multi-lingual platforms, spotlighting those in the so-called ‘periphery’? How does this contribute to the sustainability of the discipline and the people, lifeways, processes, and materials we study?