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New Drives in Social Anthropology – From Science to Ideology?


    Marcin Brocki

    Nationality: Poland

    Residence: Poland

    Jagiellonian University, Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology

    Presence:Face to Face/ On Site

    Petr Skalnik

    Nationality: Czechia

    Residence: Czechia

    Professor Emeritus

    Presence:Face to Face/ On Site


political engagement, public anthropology, anthropological associations, scientific standards, ideology


The panel aims to delve into the dynamic interplay between scientific inquiry and ideological influences in the field of social anthropology. We seeks to explore how the changing context of formal and informal anthropological institutions shape the directions of the development of the discipline and debate the impact of cultural, political and social ideologies on anthropological theory and practice. We would like to ask whether the focus on socially hot and emerging phenomena, which receive a lot of public attention, does not result in the loss of the critical distance that allows the anthropologist to look scientifically at the object of his or her research from afar. Seeing the gradual ideologisation of anthropological discourse, we look with concern at the future of our discipline, which, being now increasingly a political commentary, is breaking the social contract that for decades allowed it to have the status of a science.