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Queering all the borders: questioning the anthropology of gender and sexuality from the south


    María Soledad Cutuli

    Nationality: Argentina

    Residence: Spain

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid


    Laura Recalde Burgueño

    Nationality: Uruguay

    Residence: Argentina

    Universidad de Buenos Aires


IUAES Affiliation: Global Feminisms and Queer Politics


Gender; sexuality; feminism; queer; decolonization


Over the past decade, a powerful wave of intellectual and social movements from the global south has emerged, advocating for the decolonization of knowledge production systems, particularly within academia. This movement challenges the hegemony of prevailing Eurocentric/Western perspectives and is highly relevant for advancing the anthropology of gender and sexuality. In alignment with this, this panel aims to foster discussions on current debates surrounding decolonization from a queer feminist anthropological standpoint, with a specific emphasis on breaking down boundaries between academia and activism, as well as between the global north and south. We aim to delve into the implications of dialogues between the contributions of academic productions from decolonial feminists and political experiences arising from the south. This exploration will involve outlining key debates, concepts, and theoretical criticisms within the movement and white feminist theory. Furthermore, we will examine some of the epistemological consequences stemming from the emergence of new feminist subjects and their demands for the expansion of feminist political horizons. Our overarching goal remains to bring together scholars for a critical engagement with contemporary anthropological theory and praxis, fostering a shared set of concepts, strategies, and tools for approaching gender and sexuality through a decolonial lens. This inclusive approach encompasses breaking down traditional divisions and fostering collaboration between academia and activist spheres, with a specific focus on amplifying diverse feminist voices, particularly those emerging from the global south. The panel seeks to create a space for addressing methodological concerns inherent in researching sensitive topics, with a commitment to situating these methods within challenging environments where they may be applied.