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Decolonizing feminist anthropology from the Global South: Dialogues from Africa and Abya Yala


    Rosalva Aida Hernandez Castillo


    Center for Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology CIESAS

    Face to Face/ On Site - Presence

    Victoria Flavia Namuggala


    Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study -SA /School of Women and Gender Studies Makerere University

    Face to Face/ On Site - Presence

IUAES Affiliation: Study of Difference, Discrimination and Marginalization


Decolonization, Feminist Anthropology, Latin America, Africa


In this panel, anthropologists from Africa and Abya Yala(1), come together to share the epistemic and political challenges involved in the decolonization of feminist ethnography. In dialogue with decolonial feminisms from the Global South, we call for an epistemic cultural and linguistic shift in order to question not only the coloniality of power more broadly, but the coloniality of gender itself. We question the homogenizing, generalizing and standardized perspectives relating to patriarchy and what are considered to be “women’s interests and rights” and embrace various approaches to decolonial feminisms in the field of anthropology by bringing together our research experiences and lived realities from Africa and Abya Yala. Papers and discussion will consider ways to advance thinking and rethinking of such familiar and intertwined frames as gender, race, and indigeneity at local and global levels. A common concern considers how all of us are implicated in the project of decolonizing feminist thought , regardless of geographic positioning and cultural identities through research and knowledge production. To submit your paper, you should consider that each participant will have 15 minutes for his/her presentation. (1) The term in the Cuna language is used by the Indigenous organizations of the continent to refer to Latin America